Age Defying Facial


We use the renowed Carton Therma Visage machine which offers  a combination of Radio Frequency, Vacuum suction and Chromatherapy LED blue and red light treatment, it gives us the flexibility to taylor your treatment to your exact needs. . It is the cumulative effect of these treatments that will bring the best results.We recommage=end a course of 6-8 treatments one week apart, followed by maintenance treatments every month.

How does it work?

Radiofrequency treatment is all about stimulating your own collagen production, it does this by heating the skin to between 38-40 degrees using RF current.. it will feel a little like a hot stone massage, but comfortable. The treatment can be combined with Vacuum suction, which acts to stimulate the lymphatic system... our skins natural excretory system, removing waste and toxins. The skin will experience an immediate tightening of the collagen fibres and a lifting of the contours; this is achievable in the first treatment, especially the nose to mouth line, the cheeks and jawline. A 'must have' treatment  for those concerned with dropped contours and signs of aging.

Who are radiofrequency facials best suited too?

Anyone experiencing loss of firmness, dropped contours as well dullness and loss of radiance.

Radiofrequency facials are not recommended for:

Rosacea or broke capillaries - Laser treatment may be a more suitable option.

Deluxe Age Defying Facial

The Crème de la Crème of facials, It embodies Diamond Microdermabrasion/Enzyme Peel, Non-Surgical face lifting, Radio Frequency contouring and LED Mask and completed with active serums This truly Age Pro treatment addresses the concerns of the skin from the surface to the deeper dermis. Your skin will defy gravity, exude radiances and look smooth and flawless… a truly enjoyable experience with no down time! Treatment is recommended 2 x a week as a course and once a month maintenance.

105 minute treatment £95

Course of 8 £630 (8 for price of 7)

Age Defying Facial

A sculpting and remodelling treatment that works by heating the skins deepest layers, inducing contraction of underlying tissues; new collagen and elastin production and encouraging cell turnover. Radio Frequency promotes the skin to its optimum firmness… great for sagging contours, such as jowls and hooded eyelids!!

60 minute treatment £60

Add Diamond Micro Dermabrasion, 75 minutes for £70

Course of 8 £420 (8 for price of 7)

Course of 8 with Diamond Micro Dermabrasion £490 (8 for price of 7)

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