Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial

We use the Carlton Derma3scope machine, which has a finely crafted diamond tip wand to mechanically exfoliate the surface of the skin. The diamonds encased in the wand allow a smooth and deep exfoliation without compromising the skins integrity.

How does it work?

The removal of dry, dead and uneven skin cells unveils the new skin beneath resulting in a rejuvenated appearance, Diamond Microdermabrasion  peeling action stimulates the skin natural cellular renewal system, improves texture and luminosity of the skin, smoothing fine lines; it also gives the added advantage of better penetration of treatment products, such as serums and creams containing vitamins, hyaluronic acid and other active ingredients that help build collagen and elastin and repair environmental damage. The absorption rate is increased by 80% meaning your skin fully benefits from skin treatments applied. The smooth canvas created from the treatment will give the perfect base for a long lasting and more defined and flawless make-up application.

Who are Diamond Microdermabrasion facials best suited too? 

DMD recommended for a wide range of skin concerns:

Sun damage skin

Congested skin - blackheads and blocked pores

Superficial pigmentation

Dull and patchy skin

superficial  acne scarring

Diamond Microdermbrasion can be a stand alone treatment or combined with many other facial treatments. It is suitable for all ages and most skin types. It will leave your skin looking smoother, fresher, more glowing.

Microdermabrasion is not recommended for:

Sensitive skin

Acne breakouts

Active rosacea,

Active herpes (cold sores)

keratosis or skin which reddens easily.

Diamond - Skin Intense  

This treatment includes deep brush cleansing, specialist Collagen mask and completed with the appropriate active skin serums - vitamins and hyaluronic acid and completed with SPF. We recommend as a series of treatments at weekly intervals to achieve optimal results. 

60 minute treatment £50

Course of 6 £250 (6 for price 5)

Diamond  – Skin Boost

An exact treatment for a skin ‘pick me up’ begins with a skin prep cleanse; full Micro-dermabrasion and completed with super hydrating finishing products to give your skin a boost!

30 minute treatment £30

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