Based on the Chinese principle that certain areas on the soles of your feet - known as reflex zones - correspond to other parts of the body. The feet are stimulated with massage and acupressure to promote total health & well being. This natural healing therapy was first employed by the ancient Egyptians and has been traced back to 2330 BC. It was the American physiotherapist Miss Eunice Ingham who researched, documented and developed the techniques which have made reflexology a powerful moden healing therapy.

What is it

Reflexology endeavors to get to the root cause of disease and treat this, not the symptoms. The techniques are designed to keep the body’s systems of glands, organs, nerves, chemicals etc. balanced or in tune, to enable the body to operate at peak efficiency.

Using the thumb and fingers on the reflexes in the feet, reflexology relieves stress and tension, said to cause 70% of disorders, by relaxing muscles and blood vessels to improve the blood supply and promotes unblocking of nerve impulses and helps the body to achieve homeostasis. A tender reflex will enable the practitioner to identify the source of various ailments and congestion.

Reflexology is a holistic healing method working on the whole body, not isolating a specific disease and treating it alone.

How it works

Reflexology allows the bloodstream to remove tiny, crystalline grains in the feet, thought to be calcium deposits, caused by excessive acidity in the bloodstream. These deposits impede nerve and blood supply causing toxins and stagnation to build up in the feet.

Reflexology cleanses toxins or poisons from the body via the kidneys, bowels or skin, allowing the body to use energy on healing itself not detoxing. Drinking water after treatment helps to flush the toxins out.

Apart from the health benefits, reflexology is relaxing and calming, but also revitalizes tired muscles in the feet and lower legs. A fantastic treat for those standing in their job or partake in sports such as running and dynamic fitness regimes.

45 min session £30

60 min session £40

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