Sports & Remedial Massage

Participation in sport leads to a build-up of tension in the muscles, which may lead to stresses on joints, ligaments, tendons. Regular sports massage can help halt this build up, enhance performance, prevent injury and aid recovery, allowing a speedy return to your sport. 

a sports massage is not a ‘cosmetic’ or superficial ‘chill out’ treatment such as Swedish massage or aromatherapy; it’s an intensive dose of focused, physical therapy administered by qualified professionals. If you’ve not had one, I would strongly recommend you to try! It can materially help you to prevent injury, relieve muscle pain and increase mobility… and there are so many other benefits. 

Here at Ashbrooke Therapies, we have 27 years experience in sports massage, along with the understanding of sport related injuries and strains. We are adept at identifying & locating damaged structures and employing the most effective technique to stimulate repair and return you to your optimal function.

So Why Opt for Sports Massage?

More Flexibility

Aggressive training can tighten and toughen the muscles, preventing them from stretching correctly; the ‘pumping’ (focussed stroking) of soft tissue, both longitudinally and laterally, will improve muscular mobility and can correct imbalances, as well as releasing accumulated tensions from the sheaths around the muscles.

Ease Stiff & Sticky Tissues

Specific techniques can separate muscle fibers that have either become adhered to one and another, or to other soft tissues structures around them, and even to bones. This again will all help with mobility.

Improved Flow of Blood and Nutrients

Over-trained muscles are tough and rock-like, which can squeeze out blood and nutrients, thus depriving the muscles of what they need! Better circulation which comes from softer, massaged muscles will consequently improve the supply of nutrients to tissues improving their health and aiding in healing and repair. Blood vessels dilate and membrane pores widen during the massage, which allows better oxygen passage, as well as nutrients for restoration of the muscles. Great!

Rids Body of Metabolic Waste

Sports massage increases blood flow and the excretory systems thus supporting the removal of metabolic waste products (e.g. lactates) from tissues, assisting in the recovery from exercise

Reduces Pain

By removing the pressure, caused by congestion and metabolic irritants to the nervous system, Sports massage will greatly help to reduce pain and further support the release of endorphins.. our feel good hormones!

Ease Delayed onset muscle soreness

Also referred to as ‘DOMS’, this is the muscular discomfort experienced a day or two after a training session. The pumping and squeezing action of massage strokes will encourage blood and lymph flow throughout the body, which can help prevent muscle fatigue and encourage better oxygenation.

Promotes Relaxation

Sports massage stimulates your mechanoreceptors (sensory receptors which respond to touch), and as your body relaxes, endorphins are released which lift the mood and de-stress the body, minimising anxiety. 

Boosts Performance

More oxygen flowing to muscle tissues which are lithe and mobile, nourished and free from toxins and knotted tension, is surely going to lead to a higher quality and more sustainable level of activity.


75 minute treatment  £55

55 minute treatment  £40

30 minute treatment  £27

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